March 25, 2013

Texas has gone to hail!!!!!

Is it just me, or did it get much colder in March, than say...January, here in Texas? I've already set out tomatoes, radishes, cucumbers, onions and squash and I'll be a monkey's uncle if the danged weather has done gone conniption on me! Why I'm surprised I don't know, for this is Texas... the low '70's and '80's and March?.. 28 this morning???? It's almost April for the love of freckled leopards!

Well, EARLY Saturday morning, the family and I were headed to Fort Worth to participate in the annual Kidney Foundation Walk at Trinity Park. We get up and it's dreary, miserable and raining. The word for the walk was "rain or shine". So we get there and it's colder'n a well diggers pocket watch and besides that, it's freezing.

The lady running the walk came up to us before we even made it to the cold, stale doughnuts and empty Starbucks coffee containers and said, "The walk has been cancelled due to weather". My first thought is "what happened to rain or shine"? She explained there was flooding in the local forecast and it was headed directly at Fort Worth. Great, MORE cold, wet weahter. So better heads prevailed and the walk was cancelled.

We get out of Fort Worth, headed down I35 back to Cleburne and we take a quick detour through Burleson to drop off one of the walkers. I get in town and look over and on the side of the road and there is a small drift of  what appears to be...snow??? I knew it wasn't cold enough to do that, so it could only have been one other thing...HAIL! Yes, it was indeed hail. The storm that was responsible for the walk not going off, came through Burleson dropped a small gift as a reminder of its visit on its way to Fort Worth. And did it drop a lot? Hail yes it did! The pics below attest to that!

In the center of downtown Burleson. The pile in
the middle, right of the pic was about 3" - 4" deep

A friends front yard

The stone in the top center of the pic was about 3/4" in diameter

My grubby finger measuring the depth. Looks
like I need some work on the cuticles...
Living in Texas is always an adventure and springtime is always mysterious. But I wouldn't live anywhere else... ever... again. I'm home and I'm here for good. Hail yes!

"I may not get much done, but I sure am slow"...