July 17, 2013

New Post from the "Handbook for new Texans"... This weeks post...Courtesy

Hey y'all, welcome to The Impulsive Texan Blog and another post!

Folks raised in Texas, for the most part, were taught to mind their manners and be courteous to others. So when you git here, you may see things you've never seen or hear things you've never heard. Like "thank you sir" or "your welcome ma'am". That's especially true for Texans from my generation of the '50's, '60's and '70's.

So if someone is genuinely being nice to you, take it for what it is, courtesy. Because most Texans don't take courtesy lightly.

This weeks post is another excerpt straight out of my "Handbook for New Texans" and is about courtesy and what you might receive from someone in Texas.


Folks in Texas tend to be friendly and outgoing, especially in the rural areas. So, if you’re taking a leisurely drive on a back road on Sunday afternoon, don’t drive off in the ditch and through someone’s fence if a person throws up their hand and waves at you as they pass you going in the opposite direction. It is normal and recommended. A Texas backroad-code, if you will.

Men here open doors for ladies. If you notice someone open the door for the lady or ladies you happen to be with, don’t be afraid, he’s just being nice. His intentions are true and in some cases, his mother may be watching to ensure he’s being a gentleman.
If a cow or horse gits out of a pasture, it's not uncommon to see a half-dozen trucks stopped on the side of the road helping out the poor cowboy or rancher, whose steed or bovine took to flight. That's the cowboy code and what we Texans do for one another.

God Blessed Texas!
The Impulsive Texan