July 25, 2013

Wild Texas skies...whatn'uh heck was that?

Alright all of you amateur, semi pro and full time weather guessers out there, located somewhere on this big ole rock we call Earth, help me out if you can. I was driving to work earlier this week and noticed a wall cloud approaching me from the Northeast, halfway between Alvarado and Venus, by golly, Texas. I saw in this cloud, a strange formation I'd never seen before.
If you look closely at the "hump", in the middle of the cloud, there are three circular formations to its right. And to the left is one that is just breaking up.
Has anyone ever seen anything like this formation of clouds before? And if so, whatn'uh heck is it?

God bless y'all and God bless Texas!
The Impulsive Texan
"I may not get much done, but I sure am slow"...