June 28, 2016

"Texas Is Heaven"

When I was stationed in Southern California in the early '90's and the people there found out I was from Texas, the question that always came up is "Why are Texan's SO dang proud"? It got me to thinking and I wrote down a few reasons. See if y'all can relate to any of this...

                             "TEXAS IS HEAVEN"

West of Louisiana and South of OK City is the place that I call home.
"Bob" wire fences and longhorn cattle is the life I've always known.
After growin' up and Texas and bein a part of this land, there's no way for me to hide
How I feel about the place I was born and the place that I'll surely die.

Folks from other parts just don't understand when I talk about the land I love.
It's more than just her wide open spaces and the clear blue skies above.
It's a locust buzzin' in the top of a mesquite OR a scissor-tail dancin' on the wind.
Or a horny toad scootin' 'cross a caliche road, these are Texas thangs y'all wouldn't understand.

October swelters 'cause of indian summers but there'll soon be a wintry breeze.
So takin' a swim in your best friends tank is just the thang to cool the Lone Star heat.
It's true the weather here can sure be a mystery and most times you just can't tell.
This mornin' the weather man said "No chance of rain", this afternoon, four inches fell.

A coyote yelps in the midnight hour, oh what a lonely sound.
A young 'un is under a China Berry tree diggin' doodle bugs out of the ground.
A pickup bounces down a dusty road carryin' a cowboy home.
He spent the whole day mendin' fences, in case the cows got the urge to roam.

Faded ol' Wranglers and worn out boots is usually what you'll see us wear.
And Saturday night dances in old honky-tonks is how we let down our hair.
Families here still get on their knees and still go to church together.
And cool Friday nights are all about football and it'll prob'ly be that way forever.

It ain't 'cause we're that much different than folks from other parts.
We're just a whole lot prouder than regular folks, 'cause Texas lives in our hearts.
We give thanks each and every day for this land that the good Lord has given,
and we lay down at night with a smile on our face 'cause here on earth
                                                    "Texas is Heaven"....

Stephan Dueboay
(c) 1999