June 30, 2012

Headed Down To Texas Song Clip on National Geograp...

The UFO craze has busted wide open again. Back in 2008 there were mass sightings of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO;s) in and around Dublin and Stephenville, Texas.

Danny Bingham, who co-wrote this song is a life long friend with whom I went to school with from third grade all the way up until I graduated in 1976 in Comanche, Texas which is a hop, skip and a jump of less than 25 miles from the two areas of the UFO sightings . Danny and I have also written a few tunes together over the years.

Congrats Danny and Harlan on your 15 minutes of fame. I Love It!!!!!

Click on the link below to see the video and hear the song being playing by the Nat Geo UFO Chasers as they're "Headed Down To Texas To See The UFO"...

A digital download of "Headed Down To Texas" will be available in a couple of weeks from what I understand. So stay tuned to The Impulsive Texan and I'll have a link available to the song once it comes available.

The Impulsive Texan

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June 26, 2012

"Headed Down To Texas To See The UFO"... National Geographic style...

Whether you believe that little green men are responsible for UFO sightings or not, one thing you have to agree with, is that all over the world, the UFO phenomenon is for real. There is something definitely going on because that many people seeing what seems to be the same types of things can't be a fluke. I personally have never witnessed a "UFO" and I'm not sold on the whole "little green men" thing, but I do believe people are seeing something they can't identify, so the term "Unidentified Flying Object" is a term that I'm OK with.

Back in 2008, the little town of Stephenville, Texas was in a frenzy. UFO's were suddenly being seen everywhere by people from all walks of life. Farmers, ranchers, law enforcement personnel and dozens of other people had witnessed something going on in the Central Texas skies. The sightings caused quite a stir. That prompted National Geographic to make a trip to Stephenville to document what folks had seen and to try and get a better understanding of what exactly was going on. They were so convinced that the locals had in fact seen something that they just announced a new television series documenting the phenomenon called "Chasing the UFO's". 

Danny Bingham, who happens to be a lifelong friend and songwriting buddy of mine from Comanche,Texas  and Carlton, Texas resident Harlan Harpool recently learned "Headed Down To Texas (To See The UFO's)" a song they co-wrote will be featured on the program and will also be available on iTunes through the NatGeo website  channel.nationalgeographic.com.

"It was sort of a fluke," Bingham said, adding that Harpool called him with the idea to write a song about the Stephenville sightings one afternoon shortly after the event. Danny is a musician, owns a studio, lays down his own tracks and plays multiple instruments. "We spent the rest of the evening on the lyrics and had it all written down by about 9 p.m.," Bingham recalled. "By 4 a.m. I had all of the guitars, drums and bass tracks laid." The following day the duo paired up again to work on the vocals. "We laid down alien voices with some cool effects and then I laid the final vocal track," Bingham said.

To keep the song true to the events, he said the duo turned to media reports. "We had newspaper clippings from when the story broke in the Empire-Tribune," Bingham said. "We also went on YouTube to see what other UFO songs were out there. All we could find was silly stuff with synthesizers and spooky monster mash, take me to your leader sort of stuff."

What started as a little bit of fun between two friends now has Bingham's head spinning.
"This song is not only going to get national attention, it's going global. It's a very humbling experience," he said. "It's crazy when you think about the attention the area received back in 2008. The show is bringing it all back to us again. 

"Harlan and I were just having a little bit of fun and thought it probably wouldn't go anywhere. But you know people are crazy about anything and everything about Texas and I feel like we've really got something." While it was just fun between friends, Bingham said he recognizes that there really is something to the UFO phenomenon. "There's a mystery, something beyond what we see," he said. "It's like when you're a kid and thinking about Santa Claus - you want to believe, even if it is just for fun."

I'm including a link to the entire story since I'm only paraphrasing for bloggers sake. You can read the entire story in the Stephenville Empire Tribune at the link below.

Chasing UFO's premieres Friday June 29 at 8 pm Central 9 pm Eastern on The National Geographic Channel.

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June 14, 2012

He's baaaaaaacccckkkkk...!!!!

If you grew up in the 70's and 80's, television had come of age. There were rogues, villians and bad guys, but then, there was J.R. Ewing. The central figure in the smash television evening soap Dallas, Larry Hagman, or J.R. Ewing, his alter ego on the show, was trouble personified.

The show ran for years and years from 1979 - 1991 and I guess the writer's creative muse had ran its course and the show was finally cancelled. And all true "Dallasites" were left wondering...why? Well, my friends, wonder why no more. It's back, yes the show "Dallas" is back with many of its central figures of the show that dominated the airways two and three decades ago.

Bobby Ewing, J.R. Ewing, Sue Ellen Ewing, Lucy Ewing and several of the second tier characters are back  and I should say, J.R. has picked up right where he left off in the last episode back in 1991. Yep, he's still a jerk, even in his old age.

If you watched Dallas back in its heyday, give the new version a look see. You'll  be very happy you did. It comes on TNT on Wednesday nights at 8:00 p.m., C.S.T.

God Bless Dallas, Texas!!!!!!

The Impulsive Texan
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June 1, 2012

Jalapeno's, Midlothian, Texas...make the trip...

I love food. I love mexican food and when a new place opens up, I try it...period. I don't care what other people say about it, I have to give it the Impulsive Texan test.

I work in Midlothian, which is nearly 25 miles away from where I live in the small community of Egan. Egan is a small, unincorporated "mapdot" in the general vicinity of Keene, Joshua and Cleburne, Texas. I live 9 miles from downtown Cleburne and I have a Cleburne address, but I live less than a mile and a half from Egan. So, to me, Egan is home. It's where my wife and I hold claim to one of Gods beautiful treasures, the place he has loaned us for our time on earth. We call in La Puerta del Cielo or Heavens Gate. But that's another story to tell.

I don't eat out a lot, mainly because our family is of modest means and when I can eat something that I get at the grocery store or have a leftover meal from the night before, I normally go that route. But on the Fridays that the "eagle squats" or payday, I sometimes treat myself to some sit down food here in Midlothian.

A new place opened up several weeks ago called "Jalapeno's". It's a non-corporate, mom and pop place and that's my favorite place to eat, the local hole in the wall. As you can see below, there ain't much to it. Only eight tables in all.

I walk in and the sound of "Shakira" is echoing through the small place. A "Selena-esque" lady invites me to sit anywhere I want. So, as I have all of my life, I take the very back table, in the corner, facing the door. Again, that's another blog as to why I always have to face the door of the place I'm eating at. My wife and life partner Terri tells me it's from my days of the military and having a good vantage point so if anything is "going down", I have the first view as it comes at me. 

So I sit down and within a minute or so, my Selena-esque waitress comes over and asks in broken English what my drink order would be. I tell her "water and lemon", which is what I get 99% of the time. I refuse to pay $1.99 for a glass of tea or soda. And besides, water is gooder for me.

She brings water along with the normal chips and dip and another small bowl of what looks to be black beans. 

I sample the black concoction and am delightfully pleased. It's some sort of black bean dip and something you don't usually see in a "regular" mexican food restaurant. The salsa/dip or whatever is your term was a very tangy and tasty blend of tomatoes, cilantro, garlic and a few other seasonings. I was a bit disappointed with the sauce because although it was absolutely delicious, it didn't have one bit of the 'bite" that I like the dip to have. There was nothing, nada, zilch as far as heat goes. But I can live with that. 

I look at the menu and it's not very large, which I like also. I don't want to read through 75 items on a menu to figure out what I want to eat. I finally settle on the lunch combination plate and I ordered the Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas and a bowl of tortilla soup. 

When I get the plate, I realize there are no refried beans or rice on the plate. No big deal to me, but as a lover of Tex-Mex faire, I was puzzled as to why they weren't included. I also noticed the Tortilla Soup didn't have carrots, onions or avacado in it. I suddenly realized, I've stumbled into something very, very rare in this day and time...a traditional mexican food restaurant. They didn't have jalapeno's on the plate, the food wasn't spicy and I felt even better when I realized it was a traditional restaurant. It's very "untraditional" in the Tex-Mex sense, but everything was delicious. The enchiladas were soft, juicy and very, very tasty with just a mild hint of sour cream mixed with the tangy flavor of the shredded chicken. The soup had a deep, rich, chicken flavor and the Tortilla notes didn't hit me until it was at the back of my mouth. Very, very good soup.

I sat and enjoyed the meal and when I was through I thought back as to how it actually was. I think the pic below says it all.

Yeah, it was down-right tasty. So if you are ever in Midlothian, drop by Jalapeno's on Avenue F, just west of City Hall. It's tucked away at the end of a small, 4 or 5 unit commercial complex only a block or so from the downtown area. It's worth the visit, I promise you. Make sure you get there at or before 11:30, 'cause by the time I was wiping my chin and signing the check, there were folks waiting on one of the eight tables. 

For me, I'll always go to the small, mom and pop type places because it seems they are there to showcase their food and enjoy the visits of their new friends. They aren't worried about their quarterly stock reports or what they're going to say to the exec's at the next shareholders meeting. Their shareholders drop by everyday at lunch time and take the time to say "hi" and enjoy what they are there for...the food.

God bless you and God bless traditional Mexican Food! YEEEHAAWWWW!!!!

Jalapeno's Lemon Pepper Tex-Mex Cafe
412 West Avenue F
Midlothian, Texas

"I may not get much done, but I sure am slow"...

God Bless Texas Music!!!!

You know that Texas has a unique musical sound all it's own. My favorite is the Texas Tejano Country Pop..I know, I just made that up. But man it sure is lively and the kings of that kind of music are the Texas Tornadoes.
This is my very favorite tune by them. Enjoy this upbeat tune on this fantastic Friday in Texas!!!!


"I may not get much done, but I sure am slow"...