November 19, 2013

"Texas, my Texas"...

Well folks, it's been a while since I've posted here on the Impulsive Texan. But my life took a 180 degree turn on September 4th. I'm settled in now and I'm glad to be back writing.
It was 37 years ago, this past July, I left the small Texas town I grew up in. As with most younger folks from Small Town, USA, I couldn't wait to get out. Well, I did just that and spent 23 years serving my country with the U.S. Navy. After that I ended up working for three cities in Texas...Fort Worth, Arlington and Midlothian.
Well, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a position came open back in my hometown back in August and at first I wasn't interested. But over the past three decades that I had been gone, my mind started remembering my home, my childhood and my life in my little hometown. So, I put in for the job and by the grace of God, I was chosen over eight others.
I've been down here now for about 90 days and it's been quite easy to ease back into the "small town life". Things move a lot slower here and that is the one thing that has taken the longest to get used to.
And something else has blossomed to a greater extent since I've came back home... my Texanism. I have rediscovered how cool Texas is, since I've moved away from the metro-mess of North Texas. People wave at you driving down the street, they leave their front doors unlocked when they leave their house and they will stop and say "howdy" whenever they greet you in town.
Some years ago, I was missing me some Texas quite fiercely. I was stationed in Southern California, a magnificently beautiful place, but it wasn't my Texas. So after having to listen to me go on about the wonders of my Texas, one old boy from Illinois asked me, "So Tex, why is Texas so special to you"? I thought about it for a second and couldn't tell him one singular thing that made Texas so special. So I told him, give me a few days and I'll get back with you. As a writer, my mind went into overdrive about the wonderful things of Texas. But instead of putting them down in a list, I ended up writing a poem, called "Texas Is Heaven". When I gave it to him, he looked at me with a wondering gaze and said, "well, I still don't get the overly zealous attitude you and all other Texans carry for your state, but this poem has made me realize the place is very special".
And since I've gotten back home in Central Texas, on the northern edge of the Hill Country, the "Texas" in me has been bubbling out all over the place. So I thought I'd share the poem with you that I wrote way back in the '90's as a tribute to my Texas. I hope you enjoy it.
Texas Is Heaven
West of Louisiana and south of O.K. City, is the place that I call home,
"Bob" wire fences and longhorn cattle is the life I've always known.
Growin' up in Texas and bein' part of this land, there's no way for me to hide,
how I feel about where I was born and the place that I'll surely die.
Folks from other parts just don't understand when I talk 'bout the land I love.
It's more than just her wide open spaces or the clear blue skies above.
A locust buzzin' in the top of a mesquite or a scissor tail hangin' on the wind,
a horny toad scoots 'cross a caliche road, it's a Texas thang y'all wouldn't understand.
October  swelters 'cause of the Indian Summer, but soon there'll be a wint'ry breeze.
So takin' a swim in your best friends tank is the way to cool the Lone Star heat.
It's true the weather here can be a mystery and most times you just can't tell.
This mornin' the weather man said "no chance of rain", this afternoon, four inches fell.
A coyote yelps at the midnight hour, oh what a lonely sound.
A young 'un is under a China Berry Tree diggin' doodle bugs outta the ground.
A pickup bounces down a dusty road, carryin' a cowboy home.
He spent the day mendin' fences, in case the cows got the urge to roam.
Faded ole' Wranglers and worn out boots is what you'll see us wear.
And Saturday night dances in old honky-tonks is where we let down our hair.
Families here still git on their knees and still go to church together.
And cool Friday nights are all about football and it'll be that way forever.
It ain't cause we're that much different than folks from other parts.
We're just a little bit prouder than your average folks, 'cause Texas lives in our hearts.
We give thanks each and every day for this land the Good Lord has given,
and we lay down at night with a smile on our face, 'cause here on earth,
Texas is our Heaven...
God bless all y'all and God bless Texas...
The Impulsive Texan