February 14, 2011

Spring is coming

I had a visit from an old friend this weekend. As I went about my activities, I felt the leading edge of my old buddy, Spring, move by me. It brought a joy to my soul because just last week, Old Man Winter had a firm hold on North Texas. But as with most winter weather patterns in Texas, he lost his grip and flee'd back north to colder regions.

It seems overnight the Bradford Pear trees at La Puerta del Cielo, have moved to the cusp of bloom. The buds are swollen and straining against the will of the leaves just below. As the wind blew through, gone was the frosty nip it held just days before. Its touch seemed to whisper "Spring is coming". The skies did not have that dismal winter hue, instead the blue was the classic Texas Spring Blue. A shade that most here in the Lone Star State dream of seeing in December, January and February.

Many years have passed since I've come to grips with my "aging". But even so, hot, muggy, summer days have never bothered me. Even now, I prefer stifiling heat to numbing cold. But this winter season was the first in my short fifty-two years that had me leafing desperately through the calendar, counting the days until March. I can't remember a time in my life that I have been colder than this year. The Northeastern Blizzard I was caught up in back in 1979 couldn't compare to the pain that the cold wracked me with this year. Usually as people "mature" they complain more of the heat than the cold. But here I go, being different again. Give me eternal summer and I'll be ecstatic. The weatherman has even hinted to an eighty degree day or two in the coming forecast. I'm all smiles these days. Almost the entire week in the seventies. To me, that's paradise for sure.

As we revel here in Texas at the balmy weather ahead, let's remember our friends, family and neighbors to the North. This year has been a record year for snowfall, cold and dismal weather for the Northeast. Realizing how I feel about cold weather, I sometimes feel bad for those poor souls that have to endure the inconvenient and sometimes intolerable periods they suffer through. But after a while, I begin to think clearly and tell myself, "Geez, how crazy to live like that. Do they honestly, sincerely like living in that environment?" But I will think of them in the coming weeks as we soak up the sun and balmy weather that Old Man Winter has had to relegate authority to.

So to all of my friends, family and those that spend time with me here at The Impulsive Texan, I happily whisper... hang on, spring is coming!

The Impulsive Texan