July 21, 2011

New music

If you've followed my blog for a while, or know me in the least, you know how important music and songwriting is to me. And from time to time, something new comes along that really puts a big smile on my face.

A few weeks ago, my wife Terri and I took a rare "night out" during the week and headed to Fort Worth. We were bound for "The 8.0 Restaurant and Bar" in downtown Fort Worth.

A friend of ours, Deryl Dodd, was the headliner that night and we rarely get the chance to get out and see him. So I settled in to an "8.0 Burger" and and an ice cold O'Douls and Terri ordered the salmon.  But before Deryl went on, a young lady that I had heard the name of, but never really had a chance to listen to or see, was the opening act.


Stephanie Urbina Jones is a fresh, bright attraction on the Texas Music scene. Her upbeat and lively tunes give a nod to her Mexican American roots with tunes like "I'm Not A Pinata" and "Como Se Llama, Mama".

We had to get there early so we could get a table and after a rousing hour and fifteen minute show, she headed to the merchandise table to help sell her wares and to stand in for folks that wanted pictures and to sign autographs. She didn't have my wifes size in stock but shetold her that she'd personally put it in the mail the next day. That was Wednesday night, the shirt was in our mailbox on Saturday morning.

Terri and I immediately connected with her and her music and I was very pleasantly surprised at what a good stage presence she had and what a show-woman she turned out to be. And being a true man, I have to admit, she ain't hard to look at either. I'm adding a link to her website here so you can listen to her music, maybe order some merch and to verify that my sight hasn't gone south forever.


After she played there was a short intermission before "Double D" came on and about that time my cousin Randy and his wife Chantel from Arlington showed up to join our table. We really didn't get to visit a lot, because the music was so loud it made conversation pointless.

Deryl put on his usual great show and had the capacity crowd down front singing along to the hits and swaying to the new songs he introduced. He's very consistent on stage, the women love him and he's as nice out of the public eye as he is when he's in full "show-mode".

All in all, we had a great time and it reminded me how much I miss being around the live music scene. It's not very often in this busy world and with my schedule that I get to take Terri out on the town, especially in the middle of the week. And it's dually rare when I take her out AND my cousin Randy shows up. So it was an extra special night.

If you get the chance, go out and visit Stephanie's website and listen to this new Texas music diva in action. I promise you wont' be disappointed.