April 4, 2012

Really? I mean, REALLY??????

I've been alive for fifty-four glorious years and I've done, seen and heard about a lot of funny and weird things. But nothing could ready me for what I saw on Saturday evening.

My wife and I were going to the local drug store near our home in Cleburne, Texas. As I turn onto the road the pharmacy is on, I notice a man on a riding lawn mower coming directly toward me. I am going to be making a left into the pharmacy parking lot and so I would have to turn in his path of movement. I'm thinking, this is a residential area and he has just finished mowing a customers yard and he didn't have to room to park his truck and trailer at their house. So he must be heading back to his trailer to load it up in one of the local businesses' parking lots.

But to my surprise, he turns into the pharmacy parking lot himself. So we follow him in. He goes right up to the very last parking spot on the front row in front of the building and without a care in the world, he parks his mower, turns it off and goes into the pharmacy as we are parking.

I'm looking at my wife, who is looking at me and we're both wondering, "What in the name of chocolate fudge is going on with this guy?"

I'd heard the stories of the great George Jones, the country singer, doing the exact same thing on his mower. The story goes that he was drinking way too much and his wife took the keys to his truck so he couldn't get out on the road. So, Sir George jumps on his tractor and promptly heads to the liquor store on his John Deere to obtain his favorite spirits. I thought it was a comical and believable story, but now I know there are those out there that actually live the country songs that I hear on the radio.

I truly hope you get just as big a laugh out of this that I did as we witnessed it in person.

"I may not get much done, but I sure am slow"...