February 19, 2013

Memorial fund for Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield family


I received a lot of comments on the article I wrote on Chris Kyle last week. The outpouring of readers was simply amazing. People from all over the entire world read the article and I received many, many emails, texts and comments on the post.

One comment in particular didn't have a comment, just a link to a website to donate to the Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield Family Fund.

I work in the small town of Midlothian, Texas and I can tell you almost the entire town turned out for the processional that was given to Chris Kyle last week.

It's a new week and new news is in the headlines now, but one thing still remains, two heros are gone, but their families remain.

Please, if you can find it in your heart, give to the families what you can. Any amount would be fantastic as they try to figure out how to go on without their lost dad's, son's, uncles, cousins and brothers.

There is a link to the memorial website in the right column at the top of this page. I will keep this link up on The Impulsive Texan blogsite for as long as people are giving. I have also included the link below, in case you get this in some other format than the blog page.

God bless you all...


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