July 28, 2015

Watch out California, Texas is coming again!

Texas has always been known as a cutting edge, edge of the saddle, cowboy mentality kind of place. It's gotten that way by trying new things, taking chances and well, there's that big ol' pride thing. Yes, we Texans are very proud of where we're from, what we've done and football. And by the way, yes, Dez did catch the ball.

Something relatively new to the Great State of Texas is the presence of the wine drinking crowd, that is until now. A new wine region in America is starting to get noticed world-wide and is coming alive down in the Texas Hill Country area around Fredricksburg, Texas. Fredricksburg is a tiny little hamlet about an hour and a half from either Austin or San Antonio.  Not only there, wineries are beginning to dot the landscape all over the State of Texas. Even in the little town I live in there is a very nice winery that gives the area a whole different feeling than the normal farming, dairy and ranching region that it truly is.

Wine connoisseurs around the world are starting to take notice of the Texas Wine County that some are referring to as the "New Napa". Although it's not likely going to overtake that premier wine region in California, you may just want to keep your eyes open, because no one thought that Texas would become the leader in wind energy just a few short years ago either... it could happen.

The Huffington Post's Travel Canada author and blogger, Ayngelina Brogan, dubbed the "Traveler/Food Hunter", has published a nice article giving reverence to the fastest growing wine region in the county. I've added a link to the story below. It's a nice read and gives you an idea of what's going on down in the "New Napa" of Fredricksburg, Texas.

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