October 1, 2010

Fifh Generation Texan..or a little about me

I was telling a fellow blogger in an email today that I come from four generations of Central Texas Texans. My mothers family are the Burketts originally out of Goldthwaite and my daddy's side are SERIOUS South Louisana Coonasses from Lafayette. George Washington Burkett came to Texas from Tennessee, sometime before 1851 and settled in and around Goldthwaite. I've included a link to the Burkett Family Tree to this blog if you have an interest in getting info on an historic family of Texans. We have relatives spread out all over the nation and if we ever had everyone get together at one time, we'd probably have to lease out the new Cowboys Stadium in Arlington to accomodate everyone.

A great-great uncle of mine, J.H. Burkett, was the man responsible for developing the Burkett Papershell Pecan. Some of you may have seen the original tree, that was actually a graft from the "mother" tree, on Interstate 20 between Ranger and Cisco. It was there for nearly 90 years until the Pecan Weevil and lightning took her down in 1994. Our family had such a presence in early Central Texas that a small town, just north of Brownwood was settled with their name, Burkett, Texas.

All native and multi-generational Texans share a rich and unique heritage. I'm proud of mine too. So, I hope you enjoyed this short history of my beginnings...

The Flighty Texan