May 10, 2013

Segments from the "Handbook for new Texans"...

Howdy folks..well, for the last year or so, I've been drafting a "Handbook For New Texans". In it is essential information that will make your visit or life in Texas more pleasureable. I'm going to post from time to time, some snippets from that book so you'll get a feel for what we Texans are made of and what we like.
Now, it's all over the news and it's no secret, Texas is hot, hot, hot right now. And I don't mean weatherwise either. We got folks pouring into the state so fast that new zip codes are issued at the border! It's the number one place to work in the country right now, it's got low taxes, lots of jobs and it's the coolest place this side of...well, no where. There ain't no place cooler than Texas right now. So, with all of the new folks moving in, I've decided to premier a new segment to help our new neighbors transition into their new lives here in the Lone Star State.
Each post will be picked from a different heading of which I've come up with in the full-length book. My thoughts are that basic things need to be learned first, so the new folks can understand average "Texan". So here are three titles under which I'm going to be posting future segments:
         - The Pledge of Allegiance to Texas
         - Clothing, Courtesy, Sports, Food, Footwear, Hunting and Vehicles
         - Vocabulary
Since we take Texas very, very seriously here, it's a no-brainer that the very first post for this new segment should be an allegiance to the State of Texas. Now all of you natives don't get hot under the collar at me and don't be confused with this version of the allegiance. I'm not talking about Pledge to the Texas Flag that was recognized in the legislature in 2001. It also needs to be learned, but first things first. The Allegiance to the Texas flag goes this way:
"Honor the Texas Flag: I pledge allegiance to thee, Texas, one state under God, one and indivisible".
But, the pledge I'm talking about is to the State of Texas and not to the flag. Stay with me. Here it is. All of you new Texans-to-be, be proud to learn it and recite it daily and often:
"I pledge allegiance, to the glorious State of Texas and to the Republic for which I will be faithful. A one-state nation, under the single Texas star, God bless the Alamo, bluebonnets and Friday night football, forever".
Congratulations! If you have recited that and actually meant it, you are now a naturalized Texan! Carry your new Texan card proudly, tout Texas wherever you go, even if you are from New York City. You're a bonafide Texan now! Welcome to the Great State of Texas and long may you love and live in, Texas!
The Impulsive Texan

Everyone should know that some of what is posted in the Impulsive Texan, is overly-hyped banter, braggadacio and big headedness. After all, aren't we Texans known for that?  I'm a lover of God and Country and the United States of America and in no way do I mean to convey any disloyalty to any part of it. In keeping with the pride that the whole world recognizes as "Texan", I will from time to time announce statements that might not be accepted well in other parts of the country, even if it is meant as humor. Please understand this and enjoy your visit to The Impulsive Texan!