June 7, 2013

Texas Music...Now on The Impulsive Texan

It's no secret that Texas has a thriving music scene. From the blues down in Houston to the honky tonks in Ft Worth out to the Red Dirt sounds outside the city limits signs, music is alive and well in Texas.

I'm tickled plum pink to say that Texas Music has landed on The Impulsive Texan Blog. Come visit and connect with "Radio Free Texas" an independent, web-based site that streams your favorite tunes by your favorite Texas artists.

On The Impulsive Texan page, the link to "Radio Free Texas" is in the right column, just under the "DFW Bloggers" link. Click on the link, turn up the volume and kick back and enjoy some good, Texas music. Even our friends around the world can get first hand listening in, to the finest music in all of the land! Who needs Nashville, when you've got Texas Music?

Y'all have a good weekend and remember God blessed Texas and God bless all y'all!

The Impulsive Texan