June 21, 2013

West Texas' rugged beauty, through the eyes of Wyman Meinzer's, "West Texas"...

The rugged beauty of Texas is unparalleled and unforgettable. But none so unforgettable as the region known as West Texas. From the Cap Rock, to the mesa's of far West Texas, there is no other land like it. Mountains, valleys, rivers, boulders and high peaks, this land is as unforgiveable as it is unforgettably beautiful.

Take a trip  and see through the eyes of Wyman Meinzer, the State of Texas' Official Photographer, this vast and gorgeous land that we Texans are so proud of.

So sit back with a hot cup of coffee, turn up the speakers and enjoy this unforgettable trip, through West Texas.

God blessed, West Texas...
The Impulsive Texan